leanEdit – Lean Analysis Done Lean!

Observation and video recording have been used by lean practitioners to remove waste from processes for many years. This type of in depth analysis is still very popular, but the technique itself is antiquated and far from lean. Introducing leanEdit!

leanEdit is 50% to 60% quicker than other video based analysis techniques and is available in PC/Mac desktop and web based versions. leanEdit is designed  to improve Manufacturing, Administrative, and Service processes across all industries. 

Process re-engineering can take months to complete with the video analysis portion consuming hours of time as video is played back repeatedly second by second. Managing a multitude of video files and spreadsheets is time consuming and often results in both errors and missed improvement opportunities.

leanEdit’s user friendly interface catalogues your videos and projects as well as providing a facility to capture favorite video clips. It’s fully editable and generates detailed reports within the application itself that can also be exported to a spreadsheet.

leanEdit utilizes the benefits of mobile devices to shoot video and combines it with a powerful, integrated application that breaks your process into clips for deep process analysis.

Accelerate your continuous improvement efforts through the use of three different analysis tools including “Labor Analysis,” “Set Up Reduction,” and “Process Flow Analysis.”

Share projects with colleagues using our web based versions or manage projects on your PC or Mac with our desktop format.

Bring your continuous improvement projects into the 21st century with leanEdit lean analysis done lean!

For more information, respond to this post, leave your contact information and one of our technical staff will be in touch.

Watch the overview below!

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